Dining and Lodging

You don't have to be energetic to enjoy Mt Baldy. When it is hot and smoggy in the valley, a quick drive and you could be enjoying lunch or dinner at one of the lodges, be 10 to 15 degrees cooler and breathing clean mountain air.

Mt Baldy Lodge

  • By far the most popular establishment at Mt Baldy it is the first Lodge encountered when driving through the Village.
  • Originally built in 1914, it is family owned and still maintains much of its original rustic charm.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger enjoyed ice cream with his onscreen daughter Alyssa Milano at Mt Baldy Lodge when it was used in a scene for the 1985 movie Commando.
  • Call ahead for entertainment and cabin rentals.
  • For more information call: 909-982-1115 or visit their website

The Buckhorn Lodge and Motel

  • A few hundred yards further through the Village past the Mt Baldy Lodge and you reach the Buckhorn.
  • Dating back to 1910 the Buckhorn offers mountain hospitality. Diners are offered and unobstructed view of the mountains to the South of the property.
  • Looking to the East you will occasionally see the Big Horn Sheep as they edge down the Northern slope just behind the¬†Buckhorn to gather and drink at the creek that marks the Eastern border of the Buckhorn property.
  • For more information call: (909) 982-1107 or visit their website

The Snow Crest Lodge

  • The Snow Crest is further north along Mt Baldy Road and closer to San Antonio Falls and the Ski Area.
  • With the appearance of an Alpine style lodge it equipped with private cabins, restaurant, full bar, and an Olympic sized swimming pool.
  • The Olympic size swimming pool was constructed in the late 40's and holds 98,000 gallons of water. The US Olympic Team trained in the pool for the Olympics because Mexico City and The Snow Crest Lodge are at the same elevation.
  • For more information call: (909) 985-3012 or visit their website

Top Of The Notch

  • Situated at an elevation of 7,800 feet the Top Of The Notch is one of the highest restaurants in California.
  • The Notch can be accessed by riding the ski lift or by hiking from the Ski Area parking lot.
  • Diners can enjoy clean air and an unobstructed view down San Antonio Canyon. On a clear day Catalina Island is clearly visible.
  • During the ski season The Notch caters to skiers, snowboarders and tubers. In the summer season it is open on weekends only.

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